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I'm Martha!

I'm a Maine-based speech-language pathologist (SLP), working mostly with children in my private practice, Martha Speech & Stuttering Therapy. I am passionate about working with children who stutter and supporting their caregivers and SLPs.

I became interested in working with people who stutter when I was a school-based SLP. I got to work with a sizable number of children who stutter and learned (a lot) about speech therapy through their journeys with stuttering and their own personal goals. I love working with children who stutter because I get to support them in recognizing and celebrating their unique, authentic selves - as people who stutter, as communicators, and as individuals!

Recently, I was awarded the Spero Ally of Stuttering seal! The seal is an acknowledgment of:

  • active and intentional training obtained by the generalist SLP in the area of stuttering.

  • a commitment to continued training in the area of stuttering.

  • involvement within the stuttering community via conference(s) and/or camp(s) and/or support group(s) for people who stutter.

I feel incredibly honored to have the opportunity to be an Ally of Stuttering SLP. It underscores my commitment to people who stutter and evidence-based practice as a speech-language pathologist.

If you're a SLP and interested in pursuing the Ally of Stuttering seal, I'd love to chat further! Send me an email ( or message me on IG!

Speaking of social media - I love to share tips, information, and resources on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I have TikTok, too, but am not as active on there yet! Stay tuned!

If you need stuttering speech therapy resources, I have some for sale over at my Teachers Pay Teachers and Boom Learning stores, and will begin selling them over here on my own page. I have some exciting products plan for the future to help caregivers and professionals support children who stutter!

Phew! That was a whole lot about me.

Here's some things you can expect when you check out this blog:

  • New, evidence-based research about stuttering and speech therapy

  • Practical ideas for working with children (and adults!) who stutter in your speech rooms

  • Thoughtful suggestions for caregivers of children with stutter

  • Tons of stuttering-related resources!

I'm so excited you're here! Let's get started!

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