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Speech Stories with Gareth Walkom

In December, I was truly honored to sit down with Gareth Walkom to talk about stuttering and his company, withVR, for an upcoming project (stay tuned!). The discussion was so powerful that it spurred me to create a podcast episode, so that you can all listen in!

Gareth Walkom has had a stutter since the age of six and is the innovative entrepreneur behind the virtual reality company, withVR. withVR better prepares people with speech disorders for real-life speaking situations by utilizing the power of virtual reality. Currently collaborating with leading experts from 70+ clinics, labs, and hospitals from 20+ different countries worldwide, withVR strives to ensure that anyone can use their voice whenever they like, no matter their difference.

Throughout the episode, we talk about Gareth's perspectives on stuttering and his visions for the future for people who stutter and his company.

In this episode, Gareth shares:

  • his experiences with stuttering growing up & speech therapy

  • his own definition of stuttering

  • what he thinks caregivers, professionals, and kids who stutter need to know about stuttering

  • his hopes and dreams for the future of stuttering

  • and all about his business, withVR, and virtual reality technology.

Gareth is so insightful about his experiences and thoughts about stuttering. I think this episode will resonate for just about anyone - people who stutter, caregivers, speech-language pathologists, teachers, and those who just want to learn more about this unique form of communication.

To learn more about withVR, check out:

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