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Hi, I'm Martha!

I'm a Maine-based speech-language pathologist and former elementary school teacher. My approach is affirming and child-led, focused on empowering each child to communicate authentically. You may know me from @martha_speech, where I share practical resources and strategies for working with and supporting school-age kids who stutter. 

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My Story

When I first started out as an SLP, I felt like I had a solid grasp on the basics of working with kids who stutter. I knew all about disfluency counts and how to use the SSI, and I could teach stuttering modification and fluency strategies. But, as I sat across from my students - I realized that I was missing something crucial.

In the rest of my practice, I was all about holistic, child-led care. It's something I carried over from my days as a teacher, where I focused on celebrating individual strengths, nurturing problem-solving skills, fostering self-advocacy, encouraging autonomy, and promoting flexible thinking. But with stuttering therapy, I was just going through the motions, centering myself as the listener and building goals without my students. It just didn't feel right.

So, I took a step back and rethought everything. I immersed myself in learning, not just from textbooks and courses, but directly from the kids who stutter themselves and the stuttering community. I listened to their stories, their challenges, and their aspirations. I realized I had completely missed the point about stuttering therapy - it wasn't about managing stuttering; it was about empowering people who stutter.

Our work became more meaningful and effective by centering therapy around the child and letting them guide therapy. Everything clicked.

Now, I'm on a mission to share this approach with you. Whether you're an SLP, a teacher, or a parent, I believe we can transform the way we support kids who stutter. Let's create an environment where every child can embrace their uniqueness and thrive.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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