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Transform Your Stuttering Therapy Practice

School Teacher

As a dedicated SLP, you're committed to your students' success. You manage a diverse caseload and strive for professional growth, but you might be facing challenges:

  • Feeling uncertain about how to provide holistic, child-led care to your students who stutter and affirm stuttering as diversity.

  • Finding time for professional development due to your busy schedule.

  • Needing practical, immediate strategies to better support your students.


Stuttering as Diversity: Exploring School-Based Stuttering Therapy through a DEI Lens

This 2-hour online course is crafted for you. It offers a flexible, self-paced learning experience with immediate, practical strategies for enhancing your stuttering therapy practice. 

"I'm a stutterer and SLP and there are so many learning moments and amazing takeaways! One of my favorite approaches mentioned was role playing in therapy about different ways to disclose a stutter and how to respond to different listener reactions. Also how important it is to continue to check in and see how things are making you/the stutterer feel since stuttering is diverse. I'm still learning how to do this!
Thank you Martha!"

Regina L.

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