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Kids can feel positive about themselves
and stutter.

Helping caregivers and professionals to gain the knowledge and insight you need about stuttering.

Mother and Son

This workbook is for you if

• are a caregiver of a child who stutters OR you are a current/future professional working with children who stutter.

• you want to support children who stutter to
accept (and celebrate!) their authentic and individual selves.
• you need help growing your own
understanding of stuttering and finding resources about stuttering.

In this workbook, you will

gain information about stuttering through an affirming perspective that will support your understanding.

connect with resources that will further your knowledge and can reference going forward.
begin to build a framework for supporting children who stutter that you can immediately put into action.

School Teacher

During my first read of ‘Positive Stuttering Identity’, I immediately knew that it is the accessible and eye-opening book that all SLPs need to refine their approach to stuttering therapy. This book is perfectly crafted to explain why and how an SLP can integrate stuttering identity into treatment sessions. It perfectly explains to the SLP how to best become a guide for an individual who is on the journey of developing stuttering as a positive part of identity. ‘Positive Stuttering Identity’ equips the SLP with necessary foundational knowledge and how to incorporate this into individual-based treatment.

If you are, or ever plan on, providing therapy to a person who stutters,

I cannot recommend this book enough!

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Ashley Cubberly
Speech-Language Pathologist


1. Purchase the workbook

The workbook is a digital pdf, ready for you to interact with! It contains fillable text boxes for notes and clickable resources. You can also print it if you prefer!

2. build your framework

The workbook introduces caregivers and professionals to positive stuttering identity, providing information and resources to build your knowledge.

3. Support
children who stutter

Take what you've learned from the workbook and apply it immediately into your home or professional space, to support children who stutter in developing their positive stuttering identity.

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The guide to "Positive Stuttering Identity" supports caregivers and professionals (speech-language pathologists, teachers, counselors, students) to build a framework for supporting children who stutter. The workbook is divided into four chapters: identity, stuttering, positive stuttering identity, and speech therapy - all with accessible, evidence-based research. The workbook comes in digital form, with fillable notes, clickable resources, and the ability to download pages separately as handouts. It features quotes from an interview with Gareth Walkom, person who stutters and innovative entrepreneur.

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  • Is this workbook for me?
    This workbook is designed for caregivers of children who stutter and professionals, such as speech-language pathologists, SLP students, counselors and teachers, who work with children who stutter. If you want to support children who stutter to accept (and celebrate!) their authentic and individual selves and need help growing your own understanding of stuttering and finding resources about stuttering - this workbook is for you!
  • What does "positive stuttering identity" mean?"
    Great question, and one we'll talk about at length in the workbook! But, for now - positive stuttering identity refers to an individual's positive, or affirmative, outlook on themselves as a person who stutters. If a child has a positive stuttering identity, it means that they have confidence in their ability to communicate, self-respect for themselves as a person who stutters, and have a positive outlook on their communication in the future.
  • Can I see a sample page?
    Absolutely! Visit my freebies section to download a freebie from the workbook.
  • What does it cost?
    The workbook costs $52, but it's on sale for $42 until January 27th! *Email subscribers will receive a special discount code! It's not too late - subscribe to get your discount!*
  • Can I share this with others?
    Great question! The purchase of this workbook allows caregivers to share with family members and SLPs to share pages with caregivers. If you are interested in sharing beyond those groups (friends, co-workers, etc.), please send them over to the website to purchase their own copy. For inquiries about multiple licenses, please email:!
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