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The guide to "Positive Stuttering Identity" supports caregivers and professionals (speech-language pathologists, teachers, counselors, students) to build a framework for supporting children who stutter. The workbook is divided into four chapters: identity, stuttering, positive stuttering identity, and speech therapy - all with accessible, evidence-based research. The workbook comes in digital form, with fillable notes, clickable resources, and the ability to download pages separately as handouts. It features quotes from an interview with Gareth Walkom, person who stutters and innovative entrepreneur.

Positive Stuttering Identity Workbook

  • Professionals, please share these pages with your families. Caregivers can share these pages with the professionals they are working with. You may print these pages an unlimited number of times, as well as professionally printing and binding. You also may split the PDF and extract pages that are helpful for you. The pages of this resource are not numbered so that they can be used as handouts. Please do not share the full digital file. If you would like to share the full product with others, please direct them to my site or purchase multiple licenses. Editing or altering this product is not allowed and violates the terms of use of this workbook.

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